Community Programs

Weekly Bible Club

Every friday 60-70 children from our community attend Bible Club. This is a time to learn about God, worship Him, hear stories, understand truth and have a lot of fun! 

Community Visitation

Our staff strategically walks through the community twice a week to visit with families, pray with them and find out what the needs that Hijos de Dios can meet. 

Community Events

We host regular community events, such as youth meetings, obstacle courses for the community and retreats.

Networking with Community Organizations and Agencies

Hijos de Dios networks with regional organizations and agencies to better serve the region as a whole. (i.e. Victims Services Network, churches, other missions organizations)

Regular Benevolence

When a need arises, Hijos de Dios helps in practical benevolence, such as helping pay for a funeral, provide food for a family or help with medical costs.


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