Generation Lost


I woke up this morning (Sunday April 9, 2017) at 5 am thinking about the year 1973 and I felt that I had to write some words down. 1973 was the year I was born, but also the year that defined my generation. There was a decision made that caused 1/3 of my peers to never exist; to never see the light of day. Fellow friends, classmates, athletes, artists, dancers, singers, movie makers, journalists, fathers, mothers, world changers, were never able to be seen, heard, smile, weep..., run, laugh, jump, play, love or be loved. They never had a chance to feel the dew on the grass as they ran barefoot, smell the lilacs in the spring, taste sweet lemonade on a hot day, hear the words of love from family, or see the myriad of colors in a sunset. They never had the chance. I am extremely thankful to say that I have.

I think about my life and wonder if I had not been so blessed to be born and experience the joy and pain of life. Life is not always roses and sweet candy. We have pain and grief to go along with the laughter and fun. Failure is as much part of our existence as success. We experience all of it in life, but at least all of us who are born into this world get to experience it. I miss the 1/3 of the generation that were not born. Oh, what beautiful love, sights and sounds they could have brought to this earth. Oh, I wish that I had met them.

I am so glad that I believe in redemption; that gives me hope that one day I get to hear them sing and watch them run.


One of the 2/3rds that made it.

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