I awoke early one morning with the faces of many poor children imprinted on my mind, and I thought of their priceless value; yet many struggle for their basic needs. I began to think of things that could motivate me to be a better advocate for these beautiful lives.
I have learned that my own human compassion is a non-renewable resource, it has a beginning and an end. So you can see my dilemma when I see innocent lives marginalized and in pain, my knowledge that I have the potential to become desensitized and unmoved overwhelms me. Who has the compassion and love for every broken life? Where can I find this love that is not my own to give to the lonely and poor?
I have come to understand that if we are disconnected from the unending love of our Heavenly Father, the pure love of God cannot flow through us unhindered and uninhibited. Please understand we are the same as those we serve, orphans. The natural state of humanity has been an orphan spirit since sin entered the world through one man. How do we receive a new name and a new position?
Look to Jesus, the yielded, obedient Son of God, who gave His life joyfully so we could be a part of his family. He is our example of how to be a son. He was fully yielded to His loving Father, putting his life into his Fathers capable hands. He is the resurrection and the life. I have seen with my own eyes the greatest needs of the poor and they are not food or education, they are a deep need for identity and destiny….hope. Who am I? Does anyone care for me? What will I become?
Jesus showed us to be great you need to be a servant of all. To live you must die. To be a son you must obey and carry a cross. Can you hear the call of the cross to identify with Jesus and lay your life down? We need to die to our selfish ways to receive the resurrection and life that is our promise as children of God. His work is complete but ours is only beginning. Will we give Jesus the opportunities to shine through us as we identify with his death and suffering; going with joy to the cross so that eternal life may spring up and rivers of living water will transform orphans to sons.
“I once was lost, but now I am found, was blind but now I see.”
Remember there are many expressions in the Kingdom of God but only one door,

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