Learning Centres

Since April 2017, Hijos de Dios has served children with ADHD, autism, speech and special needs while strengthening education in our region. 

This program has grown quickly and we see change and healing happening in children and their families. We have 3 Learning Centres serving over 85 children and their families.

Hijos de Dios continues to have an impact in Guatemala. Our community centre works with abused, neglected and disenfranchised children and their families. 

Please pray for those involved in this program:

Kerry Blacklock: Director of Hijos de Dios

Luisa Vásquez: Psychologist

Lessy Sanabria: Teacher and Speech Therapist

Sheny Pineda: Teacher

Gloria Morales: Teacher

Brenda Hernandez: Teacher

Karen Saenz: Community Pastor

God Bless

Kerry and Matt Blacklock 



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