You have heard of The GOOD Run, The GOOD Pushup and The GOOD Jumping Jack, but now


As a celebration of Matt's birthday month, he is doing a month of Burpees.

His goal is to complete 15,000 Burpees in 30 days.

And he is not doing it alone. The second generation of Overcome With Good Crazies will be joining him:

Liam Blacklock, Abby Blacklock along with the BURPEE QUEEN, Heidi Lemmer. 


Why? To raise awareness and funds for our Neurological Program at Hijos de Dios Community Centre.  


This program helps children and their families with neurological needs, such as:

1. Consultation and Diagnosis from a Neurologist.                                                                                                                  The children and parents receive quality care to explain the needs of each child and how the parents can help in this process. 

2. Assistance with medication and vitamins.                                                                                                                        For the families who cannot pay for all or part of the expensive medication and vitamins, Hijos de Dios is assisting them. 

3. Ongoing support and guidance through our learning centres, psychologists and teachers.                                         These children are part of our Learning Centres and many of their parents are part of our community centre programs. 


You Can Join Us!  How??

1. Donate

2. Share 

3. Do some Burpees and collect funds


How can you give?
E transfer: [email protected]
Online: HERE