The GOOD Cupcake: 2013

After visiting Fe Viva and Casa Esperanza 3 years ago, Jessica Lee, a high school student from Pennsylvania, decided to do something. She started a fundraiser for Casa Esperanza. For the past 3 years, she and her classmates, especially in her Spanish class, have been selling cupcakes to support Casa Esperanza. They have also written the children in Casa Esperanza many times.

This year they decided to join with Casa Esperanza, as they participated in The GOOD Run in March, and donate the funds raised selling cupcakes to Colegio de Fe Viva in Nicaragua.

Here is an excerpt of a letter from Jessica:

“We just finished our final sale of the year. It’s fantastic to look at how much God has supported us through the years. We will be able to send Casa Esperanza $1000 to support The GOOD Run and the school in Managua, Nicaragua. I’m so glad that the children were able to raise so much money through their fundraiser, and I pray that our contribution will be able to bless them as well.

Our club plans to continue running even after I graduate this spring. Our church will be returning to Guatemala this summer. Our team will personally bring the check and the cards to you at Casa Esperanza.

Thank you so much for allowing me to have the opportunity to continue serving Casa Esperanza. I have truly grown through my experiences, and I’ve seen God’s amazing work. My only hope is that I’ve been able to return even the smallest bit of love that the Casa kids showed me three years ago.”

Jessica Lee

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