What you can do

You can do more than just donate. You can participate by taking what you are good at (athletically, culinary, artistic, work related, a hobby, etc.) Then plan a unique fundraiser, collect pledges/sell tickets/etc. and get as many of your friends, family, business colleagues. church members, etc. to participate.

How do I do that?

  1. Choose your “The GOOD Initiative” Event  (i.e. The GOOD Run, The GOOD Ride, The GOOD Bike, The GOOD Cut, The GOOD Cookoff, etc.) The Ideas are endless. CLICK HERE FOR IDEAS
  2. Choose what area you would like to support.
  3. Plan your event (i.e. book a race, chart a course, make a journey, plan an event, get others involved, etc.)
  4. Do it! And collect the funds. (Get your Pledge form here)
  5. Tell your story: post your ideas, photos, video of what you are doing on: The GOOD Initiative Facebook Page


Choose an area to support in yourThe GOOD Initiative” Event

Hijos de Dios Community Centre

Hijos de Dios (Children of God) is a community centre designed to impact the lives of Guatemalan families.

We impact families and communities through:

  • Our Speech Therapy/Special Education Centres
  • Mothers and Children Program
  • After School Tutoring
  • Parenting Classes
  • Family Counselling
  • Sports and Dance Programs.
  • Early childhood education
  • Healthy family events
  • Training community leaders
  • Supporting single mothers
  • Community networking


Community Transformation Foundation (CTF)

1. Leadership Training/Mentoring Programs  (Focus: Train leaders in Central America)

2. Viviendo Héroes (Focus: Train instructors to shape students in character and self esteem)

3. Training/Service Teams to other nations (Focus: Facilitate teams to serve in other nations.)

4. Counseling Services   (Focus: Counselors facilitated to counsel abused children in Central America)

5. CTF General Fund  (Focus: General overhead to run the organization and it’s programs)



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