Who We are


Matt and Kerry Blacklock (Directors of Hijos de Dios)

Matt and Kerry have worked with disenfranchised children, youth and families in Canada and Central America since 1996. They have seen the poor, hurting, abused and forgotten healed through care, family counselling and sports. They believe in the reconciliation of families and strive to see the healing of children and families in Guatemala. They love the outdoors, hiking, running, dance and all kinds of sports. They have 3 children: Abby, Hayley and Liam, who have walked with them in all the crazy adventures they have gone on. Their motto in life is: “To use what you are good at to help others and inspire others to use what they are good at to help others.”



Saqueo and Karen Saenz (Hijos de Dios Community Pastors)



Lessy Sanabria (Hijos de Dios Special Education Centres: Teacher)



Gaby Quezada (Hijos de Dios Special Education Centres: Speech Therapist)



Luisa Vasquez (Hijos de Dios Special Education Centres: Psychologist)



Brenda Hernández (Hijos de Dios Custodian and Community Pastor)

Sheny Pineda (Hijos de Dios Special Education Centres: Teacher)


Hijos de Dios Board of Directors

Kerry Blacklock: President

Lorena Vasquez: Vice-President

Luisa Vásquez: Secretary

Matt Blacklock: Treasurer

Karen Saenz: Director

Brenda Hernández: Director

Lessy Sanabria: Director