Why should I help children in other countries? (Don’t we have enough children here that need our help?)




I have heard this sentiment many times and it is true there are many people that need our help in our own communities. The simple answer to this question is yes. Yes, there are hundreds of kids in our communities that need our help. We can start in our communities and make a difference. Many of us, me included, find it easier to identify a problem than become part of the solution. If we see that the problem is bigger than our capacity to fix it, we often shrink back into apathy and hopelessness. A very wise friend of mine once told me, “It all starts with loving the one in front of you.” For me that is my family, then it is my neighbours, my community and then it grows until the world is the one person in front of you.

Although we may not change the whole world we all have the power to change a life. Focus on the people you come in contact with everyday and be a positive, loving influence in their lives. It can be as simple as a smile, or saying hello or visiting a lonely relative. Each expression of love will expand the perimeters of your heart, then your heart will no longer recognize all these man made borders. You will only see the beauty and potential in your fellow man.

How would that feel? I believe we would see our own personal insecurities and fears diminish as we purpose to help each other. We would learn that we are all in need of something; sometimes we will be the giver and other times the receiver. Compassion is a shared experience among equals. We recognize that we are all fragile and vulnerable. It could easily be us walking in the other person’s place.

Compassion says, “If that were me, how would I want to be treated?”

Who holds the key to unlocking healthy communities? The government, the rich, big businesses, a healthy economy? In reality, the answer is not them, it is you and me. Don’t wait for someone else to do what you can do. Even if your first attempt is clumsy and inconsequential, pursue the goal of making the world a better place. Many people are looking for a spotlight to dispel the darkness that permeates our communities; a big answer, or solution from someone more qualified. I believe the darkness is overcome as each one ignites their own light. What if every street light went off in a community and it was very black and hard to navigate the streets. All it takes is one person to realize, hey I have a flashlight and another person would see that light and say I have one as well. This domino effect of good is what we need today. Be a light and shine so others want to join you in being a solution.

The question should not be, “Don’t we have enough children that need our help?”, but, “Don’t we have enough people to help others.”

Greater are the number of those who can make a difference than those who need the help. Help someone today!  

"If you believe the purpose of life is to serve yourself, then you have no purpose.

Go help someone today! - Paul Blart- (Mall Cop 2)



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